Holy Yoga

Yoga as exercise combines breath and movement. Holy Yoga brings the added dimension of meditation and reminds us that the Holy Spirit is as close to us as our breath. In class, we meditate on scripture and learn to be still and listen to God.

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As we practice moving with our breath, we remember that the Holy Spirit lives within us. We don’t have to struggle to find peace, but allow ourselves to receive the peace that is already there. We learn to engage and strengthen muscles we need in a pose and relax stressed muscles that we don’t need.

Practicing yoga is practice for life, learning to breathe and destress muscles we hold tense - in traffic, at the computer or in difficult situations - and then to relax into the Holy Spirit.

Fall 2019 Session @ Cedar Run Community Church

Tuesdays - Sept. 10 - Nov. 19, 5-6 pm